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The proposal of the project “Trance: Displacement of Dimensions” it is to make possible to the spectator the conversion of the limits from formal perception so to create new visual perspectives, amplifying physical senses and making possible experiences at border of real and supra real.

Trance as an altered state of perception and consciousness and the Afro-Brazilian religion with its symbolic universe have been my object of study, investigation, influence . After dedicating several years of research on the theme I transposed my knowledge and learning into the production.,

I have chosen a ritual element, the ox eye, used in the Afro-Brazilian religion, to provoque and propose new perceptions of the glance. I present in the following portfolio, works accomplished between 2002 and 2007, using techniques and means that incorporate and interpenetrate each other: etchings and photography / objects and clothes: the body is, in many cases, the support for the pieces.

The readings on Sacred in the Art, works as the one of artist Carlos Guaraicoa with your visceral installations, El Anatsui and his quilts of cans, Olazábal and the references of the Cuban tradition in a contemporary language, all this led my reflections in the direction of subjects related with trance; however the concept of trance no longer including the religious universe but related to art making experience - Glauber Rocha´s trance, Walter Benjamin, Miles Davis and Clementina of Jesus – their trance. (2006 - Artificial Africa - NY).

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Parabens QUADRUPLO !!!!!
primeiro por vc ter aprendido a fazero BLOG!!
Segundo porque ficou ótimo!!!
Terceiro não podia ser de outo jeito pois seu trabalho é GENIAL!!!!!!!
Quarto parabéns pelo aniversário!!!!!!!!!!!!lá lá lá lá!!!